Hannah Hann is an established painter living in Norfolk.

Since graduating with a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting at Falmouth Art School in 1984.

The inspiration for my paintings often comes from the coast/landscape and interiors of places I have lived including Norfolk, Cornwall and Shetland. I usually paint with oil on canvas or paper and also use collage and mixed media at times.

My birthplace (Yell, Shetland), Cornwall where I lived and studied for my degree, many visits to Crete and my current home in Norfolk, have strong influences on my work in terms of landscape, colour and subject matter. 

My paintings often evolve through a process of working quite intuitively relying on memory, photographs or minimal sketches. This allows me to use paint in abstract ways, preferring to suggest or emphasize certain things, rather than literally describe them. 

Sometimes I begin a painting by making random marks and completely covering the surface with colour, rubbing them out with a cloth and just enjoying the materials alone. Then I search for suggestions made by the paint. It can be like bringing a piece of history or an embedded memory to life, sometimes familiar but elusive at the same time. This way of working allows me to enjoy the challenges put before me and the surprise elements of forgotten experiences emerging from my sub-conscious.

My CV & Artist Statment

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